Google Ads (PPC) & Social Media (Sponsored Posts)

Google PPC

Our recommended Advertisement budget is  £399.99 a month including the £19.99 admin fee,

Which is an average of £12.50 a day,

Estimated performance

2683 - 4566 impressions and 70 - 120 potential leads per month,

Social Media

Our recommended Advertisement budget for social media is £79.99 a month,

Which is an average of £2 a day, with a monthly £19.99 admin fee included

We will create you monthly social media sponsored posts, image creations & text, advertising across the social media with our goal to target potential customers or clients looking for the products or services you produce,

Estimated performance

Reaching 220 - 640 people per day,

Producing fresh social media content to drive potential customers to your website,

On average a potential 150 leads per month,

Total & Estimates

Potential monthly leads combined : 240

Overall monthly cost including fees: £479.98

By having advertisement will massively increase your websites traffic what is great for any website bumping it up the ranks on all search engines,

Converting leads is dependant on:

Your business market and competition, your product, services and pricing, your determination and approach to convert leads, We will put you in all the right places, its up to you to do well, SIGA Website Productions are happy to get involved helping your business structure to get results & profits!

If you decide to purchase this package and you are not getting the results you want or expected, we are happy to work closely with you on your business strategies to get the results.

Bringing your inspiration into reality.

Get in touch now by email, phone or live chat, referencing (Advertisement SM) with any queries and let us get the ball rolling.

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