Google Ads (PPC)

SIGA Website Productions Google Ads

Google Ads - PPC (Pay per click) is one of the worlds best effective ways of advertising your business online, we have many clients using our Google Ads service, and it has proven effective and beneficial for each and everyone, we have the experience and skill to produce your business the best strategy via Google Ads.

If you are interested in getting on board with Google Ads, we specialise in putting together the best-fit campaigns to suit your business, creating ads that would be effectively drawing in new potential customers every day.

The cost of Google PPC can feel expensive, but we can not recommend it enough!

Here is an example of what we feel is the best way to start off your business with Google PPC.

We recommend budgeting around £10-£20 a day, which totals up from £280 to £620 per month.

Our monthly Google PPC admin fee is an additional £24.99, the first 3 months are free.


Results can potentially start instantly, but we do insist on giving it up to 3 weeks for us to continuously configure the PPC, Improving the campaigns to an effective level, as we gather statistics to improve the ads weekly, once, at a happy medium, and work is being generated, your choice to up the daily budget can then be reviewed, to up the monthly lead rate.

We have no contract, you can opt-in and out as you wish, as the flexibility of Google Ads is amazingly beneficial for all types of businesses.

Get in touch now by email, phone, or live chat, referencing (Google PPC) with any inquiries.