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E-Commerce is the process of buying and selling products by electronic means such as by mobile applications and the Internet. E-commerce refers to both online as well as electronic transactions. All done through your business website.

Here at SIGA Website Productions, we will set up a well presented selling platform to meet your business expectations, along with a fully fitted out website crafted from perfection,

Selling products or gathering monthly payments for your business services is one of many things we can help you with,

Give us your inspiration and we will make it a reality,

We will also support you every step of the way with anything business related, registering you to google business, checkatrade, gathering you all the necessary documentations to fully verify for the requirements on any third party, assist you with registering your business as a legit business via company's house, making your business social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, also pointing you in the right direction for a business bank account and setting up payment providers for you to start collecting money.

Also setting up business email addresses for example,, and 0800 business redirecting numbers,

Email marketing, We will create monthly emails to send out to existing customers or clients, or emails you have gathered via the website, if requested by your business, if you require more then 1 email campaign a month, each email marketing campaign after the first is a one off fee of £20 per campaign,

This package also includes a 1 post a month across social media, blogging & google business, we ask of you to give us an idea you want posted, then leave the rest to us, we will do all the writing up, image creations, down to the final push of the button.


For all paper work and documentations such as contracts, quotations, welcome letters, direct debit confirmation, cancellations, warranty, T&Cs and so on, needed, we charge a one off fee of £100 per 10 letters/forms.


We design business logos for a one off fee of £50 for the digital print file,

Leaflets, business cards & sign designs for £25 per creation, you will need to give the print file to the print company of choice, or we can find a great one for you and assist you with getting the prints,

For any business clothing we recommend -Funky Peach- and can also assist you with getting the work clothing through them,

We don't just create business websites, we can help with getting new businesses fully established!

Website pricing £64.99 - £99.99,

Bringing your inspiration into reality,

Get in touch now by email, phone or live chat, referencing (Business E-Commercial Website) with any queries and let us get the ball rolling.

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